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Hello my name is Zoo, I used to live in India, today I want to tell you about some past incidents that happened to me. It used to be very difficult to live with this thing, how did I feel at that time I could not even appreciate this thing in front of you, let’s move on. It is a matter of time ago that when I was young Red Light Area Call Girls Escort Service. I went to a cinema hall with my father and mother to watch a movie.

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And I used to be very afraid of my father’s stopper. Best Indian Image Call Girl Escort Service I didn’t tell anything in the house because of the fear of father and went to school again the next day but the teacher again told me a lot of data and told till you come to school till you see mom or Papa, do not come with any one of the teachers and did not go to school for two days due to fear of papa, then everyone in the house started saying that why are you not going to school.

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Then I got scared and went to my room, Papa understood that someone was there. It is a matter that my daughter is hiding something from me, Papa asked my teacher why is not going to school today, Call Girl no Advance Payment Escort Service then my madam told everything to Papa and Papa did not Said that I come to meet you tomorrow or after talking on the phone the father who took my class and threatened me, my condition got worse or I got high fever and my health got worse Mom and Dad panicked after seeing my condition.

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Went and called the doctor and got me tested, then the doctor told mom and dad that the girl is scared, Call Girl Body Massage Spa Escort Service don’t say anything about it or try to make the girl happy, then mom dad started taking care of me or started living with me all her time. Papa made a plan to go to see the film when we went to see that cartoonist film we are having a lot of fun over there, we drank a lot in the interval of the film or we started enjoying the film again in the 2nd half.
Then suddenly Due to a short circuit in the cinema hall, Red Light Area Call Girls Escort Service there was a fire due to which all the people sitting there panicked and there was a stampede, Mummy Papa was already upset about me and because of all this happening there, those people and Panicked and Papa picked me up in the dock and ran towards outside, seeing the fire there, the fire was increasing and the crowd was becoming uncontrollable, mother in the stampede did not know Disappeared and Papa started panicking but the crowd was so much that Call Girls India Papa could not see JK back.

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So Papa brought me outside and made me sit in a safe place and Papa went inside to see Mummy, it was too late Papa did not come back And I started crying sitting there, No Advance Payment Call Girls Escort Service Near me even then an anti came there and asked me, son, where is your mother’s father, then I said that father has gone inside to see mother but it was too late, he did not come back only then those aunties there Told about me to the security guard and said that.

Once you announce the speaker that your baby girl is waiting for you in this place, wherever you are, come to your baby girl as soon as possible there Even after a long time after announcing the pay, those people did not come to me, seeing the situation there, all the news people also came there and the information of the cinema hall started appearing on all the news channels. Cash on Delivery Call Girls Escort Service Only then probably my aunt’s girl would have seen my video on the live channel and told everyone in her house and they all got scared and on hearing this.

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Those people came to me in no time and looked for me and when they asked me If found, Online Hot & Sexy Call Girls Escort Service I told everything to my aunt or aunt tried to get information about my mother and father but there it was found that about 15 people have been killed in the cinema hall and 30 people are badly injured and all of them Having been taken to a nearby hospital, my aunt came to me, sent me home with the rest of the family, Full Body to Body Massage Call Girls Near me and she herself went to the hospital to find mom and dad, they came to know that my mother.

I have died in that accident and my father was not able to know anything till now that aunt came back home after giving all her time and if she would have told then the ground must have slipped from under my feet and my condition became very bad. Slowly after a few days passed, my aunt told me that son, you are not even in a position to go to school, do one thing, you play with us a little with the children of our apartment, Full Night Red Light Area Call Girls Escort Service if you feel like we are here for you.

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